Health Checks

DBInsight’s Health Checks Service

DBInsight’s SQL Server Health Check service determines the overall health of a SQL Server instance and its adherence to best practices. Why purchase a SQL Server Health Check?

  • Avoid unexpected downtime and data loss through pro-active analysis.
  • Avoid security breaches and data theft.
  • Improve business productivity by maximising performance and response time.

Areas targeted include :-

  • Security Assessment.
  • Backup & Recovery Assessment.
  • Performance Counter Collection & Assessment.
  • Database Integrity Assessment.
  • Database & Server Configuration Assessment.
  • Capacity Assessment.
  • Index Analysis & Fragmentation Assessment.

The deliverable from this packaged service includes a report which highlights areas of concern ranked by severity and potential impact, and a list of targeted recommendations which address the issues discovered. On completion of the report, a DBInsight senior consultant will arrange to meet you onsite to walk through the report findings and to recommend a no-obligation course of action to return the SQL Server instance to optimal operating conditions.

DBInsight recommends a regular and ongoing health check once initial issues have been addressed and rectified. Available on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis, ongoing health checks ensure continued optimal operational stability.

DBInsight’s Health Check service has been tailored into 3 offerings :-

  • The Standard package provides a detailed report on the general health of your SQL Server instance and adherence to best practices for configuration and security.
  • The Performance package provides a detailed analysis of your SQL Server instance and provides recommendations to improve its performance.
  • The Premium package incorporates both the Standard and Performance offerings.
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