High Availability

High Availability Service

DBInsight’s High Availability services are designed to assess an organisation’s reliance on their SQL Server environment and tailor an appropriate architecture to ensure a highly available and reliable database environment. Why purchase a High Availability package?

  • Your data is arguably your most valuable business asset. Measuring the business cost of an unexpected outage and/or data loss is difficult, and often unknown until the unthinkable occurs.
  • There’s an endless list of possible events which may impact on your SQL Server environment from natural disasters through to accidental and/or malicious data deletion. Which of these are you prepared for and how would you recover?
  • There are many different High Availability techniques that can be utilised in avoiding and minimising the impacts of unexpected events. DBInsight’s DBAs have extensive experience in designing and implementing cost effective and targeted architectures which match an organisation’s reliance on their SQL Server environment.
High Availability Assessment Service

DBInsight’s High Availability Assessment service includes :-

  • Assessment of the current SQL Server environment and its susceptibility to a range of possible disaster events.
  • Assessment of the recovery time objective (acceptable lead time to restore service).
  • Assessment of the recovery point objective (how much data loss is acceptable).
  • Selection of an appropriate High Availability technique which aligns the recovery time and recovery point objectives with the budget constraints and the current version/edition of SQL Server being used.
  • Documentation of the proposed High Availability architecture.
Other High Availability Services

In addition to the assessment service described above, DBInsight has designed a number of common High Availability services described below. All services come with configuration and operational documentation and appropriate handover sessions.

  • Failover Clustering – Installation of a two node, single instance failover cluster configured with appropriate alerts and best practice configuration.
  • Availability Groups – Installation of a two node Windows Cluster, an instance of SQL Server is installed and configured on each server with appropriate alerts and best practice configuration. An availability group is installed and configured for a selection of databases.
  • Database Mirroring – Installation of Database Mirroring for one database in either Synchronous or Asynchronous mode with appropriate alerts and best practice configuration.
  • Transaction Log Shipping – Installation of transaction log shipping for one database with appropriate alerts and best practice configuration.
  • Replication – A customised implementation of various replication techniques designed from a high availability perspective.

Note that it’s common practice to combine a number of different High Availability techniques in a single customised solution. Such an approach minimises the limitations of individual techniques and maximises an organisation’s resilience against a wide variety of possible failures.

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