Server and Hardware Sizing

Server and Hardware Sizing Service

DBInsight’s Server and Hardware Sizing service defines the SQL Server physical environment for upgrades, consolidation projects or green field implementations.

The physical environment components include :-

  • Number of CPUs.
  • Type of CPU.
  • Server RAM and SQL Server memory configurations.
  • Disk system (Number of disks, disk type, RAID, controller throughput etc).
  • File placement.
  • SQL Server/Windows version and edition.
  • Number of servers.
  • Virtual vs physical server
  • High availability and disaster recovery site options
Server Sizing Process

DBInsight can either :-

  • Capture the performance data and then extrapolate the statistics to determine the specifications.
  • Assist you in generating an indicative workload and then analyse the statistics to determine the specifications.

If capturing or generating a workload is not practical, then DBInsight can determine the minimum specification required; based on information from the client, and our extensive experience in sizing servers and disk systems.

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