Cloud Always On Service

Ok so you have successfully deployed to the AWS/Azure Cloud but what happens if the data centre goes down or the whole region is down?

What about if you just want to apply a patch and can’t afford long outages, or perhaps your SQL Server is significantly slow today and your initial investigation suggests a physical host issue.

How can you avoid major downtime for the above scenarios or at least give yourself some breathing space to investigate the issue?

DBInsight’s Cloud Always On service is the answer!

DBInsight’s Cloud Always On service designs and implements a SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solution optimised for the AWS/Azure Cloud environment.

Depending on your business objectives and budget we can seamlessly :-

  1. Switch to another server in the local data centre and minimise downtime for patching or provide an alternative environment while investigating physical host issues.
  2. Switch to another server in another data centre in the same region for local disaster recovery.
  3. Switch to another server in a different region to provide regional disaster recovery.

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