Cloud Transition Service

DBInsight’s Cloud transition service helps take the guess work out of migrating your SQL Server database systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure.

Whether it’s an on-premise SQL Server or a greenfield implementation, we first need to determine if the Cloud is right for your database system.

If it is, then which of the AWS/Azure features is the best fit for your organisation.

The transition to the AWS/Azure Cloud presents a number of challenges to organisations making the move, some of those challenges include :-

  • What are the best practices for deploying SQL Server to the Cloud?
  • What SQL Server licensing do I need for the Cloud?
  • What CPU, Memory, and Disk resources will I need?
  • How can I minimise downtime in the Cloud?
  • Should I buy on-demand or reserved resources?
  • How can I ensure that it will perform?
  • How do I effectively monitor my environment?
  • How much will this all cost?

DBInsight’s Cloud transition service helps you overcome these challenges and delivers a detailed plan to smoothly migrate your database system to the AWS/Azure Cloud.

DBInsight can also assist you in implementing the plan by executing :-

  • Server and network provisioning
  • SQL Server installation/configuration – including DB backups and database maintenance
  • Installing monitoring/alerting
  • SQL Server high availability feature
  • Optimise database backup processing and data protection
  • Managing the SQL migration cut over

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