Cloud SQL Monitoring with SQLRDS Monitor

Traditional monitoring tools find it difficult to securely monitor the On-premise and Cloud based SQL Servers. The DBAs typically need to run multiple monitoring tools that are not integrated and are disparate in functionality and reporting. In addition, monitoring infrastructure needs to be deployed into multiple sites and DBAs need to be trained to support multiple monitoring tools.

To overcome this challenge, DBInsight has now released their Cloud based SQL Server monitoring service called SQLRDS Monitor. The SQLRDS Monitor is a fully functional, SQL Server optimised monitoring solution that will provide a single pane view of your On-Premise and Cloud based SQL Servers. The SQLRDS Monitor service requires no monitoring infrastructure, no monitoring rule definition and is deployed within minutes.

The SQLRDS Monitor Service has two main offerings; a low cost Self-Service option where the customer gets the alerts and only calls the DBInsight DBA if required and an Out-sourced option where the DBInsight DBA attends to all alerts.

You can get more information on the SQLRDS Monitor Service (here).