Cloud DR Service

A lot of businesses that have local server rooms tend not have any warm standby disaster recovery options implemented for their critical SQL Server database systems. Therefore if the server room is destroyed then the game is up for these businesses.

Typically for these businesses the cost of implementing a DR environment for their SQL Server database system is prohibitive. Well, until now!

DBInsight’s Cloud DR service designs and implements a AWS or Azure Cloud based disaster recovery solution for on-premise SQL Server database systems.

It leverages the AWS/Azure features to reduce the cost of a DR footprint and securely extends the on-premise network to the AWS or Azure data centre. Features like

  1. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC/VNET) – where your virtual machines are sandboxed and are allocated user assigned private IP Addresses.
  2. Ability to create a VPN between the VPC/VNET and the on-premise network.
  3. Direct Connect/Express Route – where you establish a dedicated network connection from your on-premise to Cloud environment
  4. Optionally place your virtual machines onto dedicated physical hosts (AWS).
  5. Ability to turn off your application servers and therefore not incur any costs while operating out of your on-premise site.

Add in the rich feature set for high availability and disaster recovery within SQL Server and an affordable DR solution becomes a reality.

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